Monday, August 18, 2014

BTS Teacher Week: Who Monday

It's Back to School Teacher week, and I am excited to hop on the bandwagon.

So... About me! 

- I am Lindsay. Just last Friday I got my back to school haircut and chopped about 10 inches off. 

- I am going to be starting my 7th year teaching (four in 5th grade, 2 in TK). I am very excited to get back to work and to meet all 22 of my new little munchkins (a week from tomorrow). 

- At the end of May I received a certificate in teaching Transitional Kindergarten. I am a lifelong student, and love to take classes. 

- I love reading (I just finished Gone Girl, who else is excited for the movie?), Starbucks, Mexican food, taking walks, the beach, hot sauce, the LA Kings, the list could go on and on. 

- My fam is super rad, and my middle brother was just here for a whole 7 days (he lives on Oahu and is the one not smiling). He just left this afternoon with a belly full of his favorite foods he can't get on the island.  :(

- I cook all the time, and my most recent obsession is making ice cream. (The Coolhaus cookbook is AMAZING!)

- My biggest guilty pleasure of the summer has been The Bachelorette / Bachelor in Paradise. I just can't get enough!!!  

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